End of Life for Crocodoc

Blackboard has informed us that the company Box which purchased Crocodoc in 2013, the inline grading feature in the Assignment tool, is eliminating the product in the 2017 Quarter 4 update of Blackboard.  Box (a cloud based content storage platform), is working with Blackboard to maintain the inline grading feature that Crocodoc has provided.  They anticipate that the new product, new Box View, which will be replacing Crocodoc, will be available with the Q4 update.  Depending upon the timing of the release, OES will likely not apply this update until later in Spring 2018.  According the the bulletin, the product will work beyond that update as institutions transition to the new service.

We do not currently have a good sense of what the particulars of the new Box View product will be.  We are anticipating receiving information about that over the Summer and/or Fall terms.  We will keep you apprised of what we learn!

To read the full bulletin from Blackboard, please click the link provided below.

Blackboard Learn Integration with the New Box View Services and Crocodoc End of Life


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